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Monday, January 23

08:00 EST

08:00 EST

Quiet Room I Salle silencieuse
Monday January 23, 2023 08:00 - 17:00 EST

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09:45 EST

First-Timers' Session | Séance à l’intention des nouveaux venus
First time at Cannexus? Then this session, designed to help maximize the conference experience, is for you! You’ll have the chance to get an overview of Cannexus, participate in an ice-breaker networking activity and meet other delegates.

Vous participez au congrès Cannexus pour la première fois? Cette séance, conçue pour maximiser votre expérience, s’adresse à vous! C’est l’occasion d’obtenir une vue d’ensemble de Cannexus, participer à une activité de réseautage qui brise la glace et rencontrerez d’autres délégués.

Monday January 23, 2023 09:45 - 10:30 EST

10:45 EST

Career Colleges - Myths, Facts and the Future
This session will examine emerging and growing areas for training the Canadian workforce. We will discuss what sectors / roles are growing today and what are the in-demand skills so that career and employment advisors can better guide their students and clients, including adults in career transition and newcomers as they plan or shift careers.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding of career colleges in Canada
  • Student outcomes - Options for the future
  • New paths for international students

avatar for Michael Sangster

Michael Sangster

Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Career Colleges
Michael Sangster is a passionate, creative, strategic leader with over 30 years' progressive experience managing growth, communications, government relations and other roles within corporate and not-for-profit sectors.
avatar for Craig Tucker

Craig Tucker

President, Keyin College
Craig Tucker has 25 years of business experience including roles as managing partner of Group m5, president of KeyCorp, Keyin College, Crossbeam Education and MC2 communications.
avatar for Nadine Baladi

Nadine Baladi

Vice-president, ILSC Education
Nadine Baladi is an education executive with 20 plus years experience as a consumate player-coach in multi-cultural settings. Nadine is a proven leader in high-stakes and highly matrixed organizations and speaker on topics surrounding student life and mental health.

Monday January 23, 2023 10:45 - 11:45 EST

10:45 EST

Catalyzing Change: Creating Access and Economic Mobility
This interactive session will discuss specific practices and methods that increase access to jobs for traditionally underrepresented groups and improve job quality by adapting traditional policies and practices within recruitment, onboarding and training, while also addressing industry skills gaps. The workshop will also discuss how collaboration among different stakeholders in the workforce system can advance accessible pathways to quality jobs.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Describe and identify common barriers to access quality jobs
  • Describe methods to increase access for equity-deserving groups
  • Describe methods to improve job quality and address skills gaps

avatar for Erin Melvin

Erin Melvin

Senior Consultant, Purpose Co
Erin Melvin is the Senior Consultant at Purpose Co. Erin has spent over 20 years in the education and training space. In this capacity, she has designed user-focused learning solutions utilizing Human Centered Design and User Experience for a wide range of organizations including... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 10:45 - 11:45 EST

10:45 EST

Indigenous Workways: Making Space for Indigenous Employees
In this community consultation, researchers from Indigenous Workways will gather in circle to discuss making space for Indigenous employees in the Canadian workplace. We will briefly share what Indigenous employees have told us about workplace relationships, conflict management, psychological and cultural safety, and career mentorship. All participants are invited to offer feedback, share lived experiences, and discuss best practices.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Indigenous career development: culturally responsive recruitment and retention
  • Future of work/workplace: responding to TRC Call to Action 94
  • Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion: supporting a diverse workforce

avatar for Wendi Adair

Wendi Adair

Professor, University of Waterloo
Wendi Adair is Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Director of the Culture at Work Lab at University of Waterloo, Ontario. Wendi's research and applied work focus on cross-cultural communication in the workplace.
avatar for Catherine Kwantes

Catherine Kwantes

Professor, University of Windsor
Catherine Kwantes is Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Director of the Centre for Culture and Organization Research at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario. Her work and research focus on organizational cultures of inclusivity.
avatar for Leanne Gosse

Leanne Gosse

Professor, Conestoga College
Leanne Gosse is Professor of Community and Criminal Justice at Conestoga College, Kitchener, ON. Leanne's research and work focus on justice and inclusiveness at work, as well as leadership development.

Monday January 23, 2023 10:45 - 11:45 EST

10:45 EST

Students' Perspectives on Careers & Career Development: 2023
Featuring insights from the 2022 Student Career Interests Report (a survey of over 16,000 post-secondary students), this presentation will provide the most authoritative look at today's students' mindset. Learn how students' attitudes towards career development, employers and the world of work are evolving as well as their expectations of their schools in terms of career development support and work opportunities.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How to best support students' career development
  • How to make a stronger case for student career development
  • What today's students want from their careers

avatar for Graham Donald

Graham Donald

Founder & President, Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc.
As Canada's leading expert on student recruitment and engagement, Graham Donald has been providing research, training and strategic advice to the country's leading employers and educational institutions for more than 25 years.

Monday January 23, 2023 10:45 - 11:45 EST

10:45 EST

The Unconscious Conflicts Triggered by Our Client's Anxiety
During uncertain times, clients may walk into the sessions with their anxiety triggering the practitioners' own unconscious conflicts. This trigger can lead us questioning our competencies/experiencing burnout. We will explore techniques to address those clients who may be paralyzed by anxiety thereby procrastinating career planning, struggling with job search actions, and/or disengaging with career counselling/advising services.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding routine stress/career anxiety vs general anxiety disorder
  • Integrating strength-based micro-interventions for job search skills development
  • Modifying action plans to foster clients' successes/well-being

avatar for Sonny Wong

Sonny Wong

Registered Psychotherapist, Ryerson Univeristy
Sonny Wong, MEd, is a Registered Psychotherapist with a career identity specialization. He has shared his expertise by providing career therapy at Toronto Metropolitan University and as a teaching faculty at George Brown College.

Monday January 23, 2023 10:45 - 11:45 EST

10:45 EST

What Color is Your Parachute and Beyond
The "Flower" within What Color is Your Parachute (Bolles) helped millions and re-directed career development. I propose career coaching must move forward to adapt to the next rules of work. Disrupting the Cost-Quality-Access Triangle using eight practical strategies and more will help career coaching and your work have more impact and reach.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate the Cost-Quality-Access Triangle to improve career work
  • Practice differentiating your pitch to increase impact and reach
  • Synthesize key work trend ideas and data to expand impact

avatar for Rich Feller

Rich Feller

Professor, Colorado State University
Rich Feller is the former president of the National Career Development Association (NCDA); one of 12 University Distinguished Teaching Scholars and Professor, Colorado State University; Executive Director, Career Development Network; YouScience Advisor; and co-founder, OneLifeToo... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 10:45 - 11:45 EST

12:00 EST

Keynote Address | Allocution: Two Spirit Diversity - Race, Gender, Sexuality & Unconscious Bias | La diversité bispirituelle - Le genre, la sexualité, la race et les préjugés inconscients
Dr. James Makokis has an incredible first-hand experience in growing up as a Two-Spirit in a segregated and marginalized community. He has one of the most unique perspectives on the importance of acceptance and equal treatment regarding cultural, gender, sexuality and racial differences. Two-Spirit is a contemporary English term to reflect gender diversity that Indigenous nations have always had. Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world yet many individuals face personal challenges in achieving success. Dr. Makokis combines his story with practical insights on how to create accepting spaces where EVERYONE can prosper by incorporating an accepting attitude to anyone that is outside of social norms. He will share how to identify and acknowledge our unconscious bias, which often creates and reinforces stereotypes and stigmas which then negatively impact our relationships. Dr. Makokis teaches how to become an ally to refocus our relationships to be accepting, safe and supportive. This presentation will provide key learnings for individuals and organizations that work to create new inclusive programs for diverse populations. 

Le Dr James Makokis a vécu une expérience personnelle extraordinaire en tant que bispirituel qui a grandi dans une communauté ségréguée et marginalisée. Il a une perspective des plus uniques sur l’importance de l’acceptation et de l’égalité de traitement en ce qui concerne les différences liées à la culture, au genre, à la sexualité et à la race. « Bispirituel » est un terme français contemporain qui reflète la diversité de genre qui existe depuis toujours au sein des nations autochtones. Nombreux sont ceux qui doivent encore relever des défis personnels pour réussir au Canada, qui est pourtant l’un des pays les plus diversifiés au monde. Le Dr Makokis nous racontera son histoire en y intégrant des idées pratiques sur la manière de créer des espaces d’acceptation où TOUT LE MONDE peut prospérer en adoptant une attitude d’acceptation à l’égard de quiconque se trouve en dehors des normes sociales. Il nous expliquera comment cerner et reconnaître nos préjugés inconscients, qui créent et renforcent souvent les stéréotypes et la stigmatisation qui ont ensuite des répercussions négatives sur nos relations. Il nous enseignera à devenir un allié pour recentrer nos relations afin qu’elles reposent sur l’acceptation, la sécurité et l’entraide. Cette présentation fournira des apprentissages clés aux personnes et aux organisations qui travaillent à la création de nouveaux programmes inclusifs pour des populations diversifiées.

avatar for Dr. James Makokis

Dr. James Makokis

Canada’s Two Spirit, Diversity, Indigenous Health and First Nation Expert | Expert canadien de la bispiritualité, de la diversité, de la santé des Autochtones et des Premières Nations
Dr. James Makokis is a Nehiyô (Neh-hee-yo) two-spirit physician from the Onihcikiskapowinihk (Saddle Lake Cree Nation) in Treaty Number Six Territory. He practices Family Medicine in Kinokamasihk (Kih-no-kum-a-sick) Cree Nation in northeastern Alberta and has a transgender health-focused... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 12:00 - 13:00 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

13:00 EST

14:15 EST

Building Future Ready Communities: Lessons from the Trenches
Key learnings, themes and unanswered questions from the Building Future Ready Communities Virtual Tour. Through 12 robust panel discussions and a national wrap-up, this series created opportunities for cross-sectoral dialogue, best-practice sharing, and inspiration between community-based employment agencies, post secondary institutions and employers, across all regions in Canada on issues related to the future of work.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How cross-sectoral discussions lead to aha moments and collaboration
  • Key insights from entrenched in their communities
  • Cross-sectoral skill development learning from across Canada

avatar for Chantal Brine

Chantal Brine

CEO, EnPoint
Originally from Bermuda, Chantal Brine graduated from Saint Mary's University and made Nova Scotia home. As CEO of EnPoint, Chantal helps people connect with their passion and build careers that they love through mentorship.
avatar for Florence Rousseau

Florence Rousseau

Director Marketing & Program Engagement, Magnet
Florence Rousseau is the Director Marketing and Program Engagement at Magnet. Florence is committed to diversity and inclusion, specifically the promotion of youth, racialized minorities, newcomers to Canada, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ2S facing barriers... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 14:15 - 15:15 EST

14:15 EST

Harness the Power of Reflection!
Did you know that effective reflection can increase your performance by over 20%? It is now clear that earning from direct experience can be more effective if coupled with reflection. Join a fascinating investigation into what enables a person to develop their skills through reflection. Participants will have an opportunity to practice and leave with an action plan.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Review the research on reflective practice
  • Investigate what enables a person to engage in effective reflection
  • Develop an action plan to build their skills and performance

avatar for Rob Straby

Rob Straby

Professor, Conestoga College
Rob Straby has followed his passion for innovation in career development since 1986. A professor in the Career Development Practitioner program at Conestoga College, this unique program educates career professionals through a hybrid learning design.

Monday January 23, 2023 14:15 - 15:15 EST

14:15 EST

Mobilizing Student Voice to Inspire Career Pathway Exploration
Students are tired of hearing from "experts" and can see through "sales" pitches from recruiters. They are also often misinformed on the many career pathways open to them after high school. Learn how multiple stakeholders came together to empower young people to share their diverse career development journeys in order to inspire their peers to embark on their own.

avatar for Colin Lalonde

Colin Lalonde

Policy Analyst, International Experience Canada
Colin Lalonde is a Policy Analyst with International Experience Canada. His work focuses on spreading awareness of the benefits of gap years, work abroad experiences and improving engagement with LGBTQ2 youth.
avatar for Michelle Dittmer

Michelle Dittmer

President & Co-Founder, Canadian Gap Year Association
Combining youth's need for experiential learning and developing reflective and values-aligned practices, Michelle Dittmer, an educator, founded the Canadian Gap Year Association as a solution to mental health, lack of clarity and the skills gap.
avatar for Tricia Berry

Tricia Berry

Learning Specialist, Universal Design
Tricia Berry is a Learning Specialist in Universal Design for Career Education with the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. With over 15 years working in career education/guidance, Tricia has had a variety of experiences including teaching at the... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 14:15 - 15:15 EST

14:15 EST

Motivation Interviewing Through a Trauma-informed Lens
Embracing trauma-informed practices invites us to take a step back and review the tools we use as career professionals for their applicability with clients that have experienced trauma. Through the example of the tool of Motivational Interviews, we offer a review process looking at how MI does and does not connect to core trauma-informed principles including possible modifications.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Core values of trauma-informed approaches
  • Overview of Motivational Interviewing
  • Process to review tools for applicability in trauma-informed career conversations

avatar for Catherine Hajnal

Catherine Hajnal

Grief and Trauma Educator, Life Fundamentals
Dr. Catherine Hajnal facilitates an understanding of trauma, loss and grief as well as their transformative potential. She is committed to creating learning environments that foster a deeper understanding of the human condition.
avatar for Seanna Quressette

Seanna Quressette

Co-ordinator, Continuing Education Faculty of Applied Community Studies, Douglas College
Seanna Quressette, MEd, CCDP, is a trauma therapist with 30+ years in career development. Seanna lives with PTSD and anxiety. Seanna has taught career practitioners for 20+ years and is currently faculty at Douglas College.

Monday January 23, 2023 14:15 - 15:15 EST

14:15 EST

Regrouper le centre de carrières et la formation continue I Combining the career centre and continuing education
Dans le contexte de la transformation accélérée du marché du travail, de l'apparition de nouveaux emplois et de l'écart croissant entre les profils de compétences des employés et les besoins des organisations, il est nécessaire de revoir le modèle d'affaires classique des centres de carrières et d'y intégrer des activités de formation continue.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Connaitre un modèle d'affaire innovant 
  • Identifier des stratégies d'influence    
  • Se familiariser avec l'orientation stratégique

With the labour market rapidly changing, new jobs emerging and the growing disparity between employee profiles and organizational needs, career centres need to reconsider their traditional business model and integrate continuing education activities.

Learning objectives:
  • Understand an innovative business model
  • Identify influence strategies
  • Become familiar with strategic direction

avatar for André Raymond

André Raymond

Directeur du Service du développement professionnel I Director of Professional Development Services, Université Laval I Laval University
André Raymond détient une maîtrise en développement des organisations et un baccalauréat en relations industrielles. Il exerce les fonctions de directeur du Service du développement professionnel de l’Université Laval (issu de la fusion des services d’orientation professionnelle... Read More →
avatar for Sehl Mellouli

Sehl Mellouli

Vice recteur adjoint aux études et aux affaires étudiantes I Deputy Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs, Université Laval I Laval University
Sehl Mellouli est professeur titulaire au Département de systèmes d'information organisationnels de la Faculté des sciences de l'administration. Il est également vice-recteur adjoint aux études et aux affaires étudiantes de l'Université Laval.Sehl Mellouli is a full professor... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 14:15 - 15:15 EST

14:15 EST

What Do You Really Value?
Dr. Keis will share breakthrough research on why values clarification is foundational to anyone's career success. This workshop is rated as one of the top sessions in any conference Ken has presented. What Do You Really Value? includes the Values Preference Indicator assessment and is participant-driven, so participants should be ready to learn, have fun and contribute 100%!

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the values that are most important to you
  • Incorporate values-based, rather than situational- or emotional-based, decision-making
  • Learn how to make the right decision, every-time!

avatar for Dr. Ken Keis

Dr. Ken Keis

President & CEO
Dr. Ken Keis is a global expert on leadership, career development, wellness, assessments and life purpose. An international author, speaker and consultant, in the past 33 years, Ken has conducted more than 3,000 presentations.

Monday January 23, 2023 14:15 - 15:15 EST

15:15 EST

15:45 EST

VIEWING PARTY: Around the World Session: Importance of Career Counselling for Migrants’ Social and Professional Integration
Demographic growth, climate change overall globalization impact migration flows, which are constantly increasing. Career counselling has an important role to play to facilitate and help the social and professional integration of migrants and immigrants but the tools and interventions need to be adapted and contextualized for this population. This session aims to present and discuss these challenges, tools, and interventions in providing career counselling services to migrant/immigrant populations.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss the role of career guidance for migrants and immigrants
  • Discuss how to adapt interventions for migrants and immigrants
  • Discuss new tools for career guidance for migrants and immigrants

avatar for Jérôme Rossier

Jérôme Rossier

Full Professor | Professeur Titulaire, University of Lausanne
Jérôme Rossier is Full Professor of Vocational and Counselling Psychology at the Institute of Psychology and Vice-rector for Human Resources and further training at the University of Lausanne. He is a board member of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance... Read More →
avatar for Lisa Y. Flores

Lisa Y. Flores

Professor | Professeure, University of Missouri
Lisa Y. Flores is a Professor of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri. She is past Editor of the Journal of Career Development, and is Chair-elect of the Society of Vocational Psychology. Her teaching and research interests include vocational and multicultural psychology.Lisa Y. Flores... Read More →
avatar for Shagini Udayar

Shagini Udayar

PhD Student | Étudiante au doctorat, University of Lausanne
Shagini Udayar is a PhD student, and her research focuses on the impact of life events on career sustainability. She is also interested in the professional integration of young refugees and asylum seekers and the impact of MINT career promotion activities on women’s career choices.Shagini... Read More →
avatar for Germán A. Cadenas

Germán A. Cadenas

Assistant Professor | Professeur Adjoint, Lehigh University
Germán A. Cadenas (he/his/el) is an Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology at Lehigh University. His research is community-based and embraces the development of interventions to support the educational success, career development and psychological well-being of Latinx immigrants... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 15:45 - 16:30 EST

15:45 EST

Connecting and Building Relationships with Indigenous Youth
An interactive workshop regarding our experiential learning practices with Indigenous youth which includes emphasis on relationships with youth participants, their communities and culture. We integrate harm reduction, trauma-informed and youth-led approaches. We will incorporate storytelling, video narratives and testimonials to demonstrate our highly effective approach on career development and employment with Indigenous youth.

Learning Outcomes:
  • The benefits of long-term relationships when working with Indigenous youth
  • The impacts of a holistic approach that is culturally rich
  • The affects of a supportive environment to promote safe exploration

avatar for Susan Belyea-King

Susan Belyea-King

Social Worker, Partners For Youth Inc.
Sue Belyea-King is a social worker who offers proactive services for at-risk youth and young adults. Sue has implemented numerous programs/services, such as street outreach, supportive and transitional housing, mental health, addictions, employment and education programs.
avatar for Asha Bear

Asha Bear

Indigenous Youth Engagement Co-ordinator, Partners For Youth Inc.
Asha Bear has worked with youth for over 10 years. She is the Indigenous Youth Project Engagement Co-ordinator at Partners for Youth. Asha works together with youth to help them recognize their skills and their power to succeed.

Monday January 23, 2023 15:45 - 16:45 EST

15:45 EST

Emerging Workplace Trends and Why You Should Care
New technologies, automation, remote and accessible work, and a focus on employee wellness are the tip of the iceberg with emerging workplace trends. This panel session will explore the opportunities and challenges of the future workplace. You will leave with practical tips to incorporate into your daily practice to help employers and clients thrive in an ever-changing work world.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Greater insight into the employer experience
  • Broadened awareness of environmental factors in career planning contingencies
  • Best practices for educating employers related to employee engagement

avatar for Anne-Marie Edgar

Anne-Marie Edgar

CEO, Make A Change Canada | Faire un Changement Canada
Anne-Marie Edgar holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and an MBA. As CEO, she leads Make A Change Canada’s strategic services development, including future initiatives to address skills gaps, accessibility issues, and workplace diversity and inclusion.
avatar for JA Jonusas

JA Jonusas

Business Advisor, Make A Change Canada | Faire un Changement Canada
JA Jonusas holds a degree in interior design and over 25 years of entrepreneurial and career services experience. Whether serving individuals seeking traditional employment or self-employment outcomes, JA brings abundant passion in her assistance to clients.
avatar for Holly Penner

Holly Penner

Workforce Opportunities Specialist, Make A Change Canada | Faire un Changement Canada
Holly Penner holds a Dip in Creative Communications. With previous roles in marketing and as Co-operative Education Program Coordinator, Holly’s areas of expertise include job preparedness and coaching, building industry partnerships, and job development.
avatar for Flora Bazie

Flora Bazie

Founder & CEO, LinoraTech Inclusion
Flora is the Founder and CEO of LinoraTech and holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Certification in Accessibility. A passionate advocate for inclusion, Flora helps shift companies' beliefs around disabilities and Tech Accessibility.

Monday January 23, 2023 15:45 - 16:45 EST

15:45 EST

Finding Mental Health Opportunity Within Career Development Intervention
Intentionally linking career development and mental health has profound impact for our profession and our clients. This session investigates the characteristics of five dominant components of mental health and illustrates how career development practitioners might recognize, assess, and facilitate their development and expression. Cross-cultural translation is discussed along with focused skills and strategies for linking career development and mental health.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand/recognize five primary mental health outcomes of career intervention
  • Understand/use focused skills and strategies to explore areas with clients
  • Practitioners will understand how their work supports client mental health

avatar for Dave Redekopp

Dave Redekopp

President, Life-Role Development Group Ltd.
Cannexus23 will mark Dave Redekopp's 35th year in career development. He has been privileged to teach, develop and deliver programs, develop products, research and consult in almost all aspects of career development.
avatar for Michael Huston

Michael Huston

Counsellor, Mount Royal University
Michael Huston is a counsellor and focuses on career development with specific interest in counsellor training, career intervention strategies and outcomes, career development as mental health intervention, and work and well-being.
avatar for Kristina Waldmann

Kristina Waldmann

Registered Provisional Psychologist, FP Counselling
Kristina Waldmann is a Registered Provisional Psychologist providing counselling to individuals and couples. She is a strong advocate for mental health promotion. Her research examines the intersection of mental illness, mental health, and career development.

Monday January 23, 2023 15:45 - 16:45 EST

15:45 EST

Harnessing Past Present Future for a Better Story
In a sense, life/career professionals are like time travellers. Through processes such as self-assessment, career exploration and planning, we walk alongside people as they explore their past, present and future. But sometimes negative persepectives can affect what people see. A holistic understanding of time can assist people to harness their full potential and possibilities from their past, present and future.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Exploring how our past, present, and future are intertwined
  • How perspectives on past, present, future impact our career journey
  • How to explore the potential of our past, present, future

avatar for Gray Poehnell

Gray Poehnell

Life/Career Coach, Ergon Communications
Gray Poehnell explores holistic career approaches that cultivate hope, practical spirituality, creativity and imagination. He has extensive experience in working with Aboriginal, immigrant and mainstream clients and currently trains career practitioners nationally and internation... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 15:45 - 16:45 EST

15:45 EST

Strengthening Canada's Youth Sector Through Data/Knowledge Sharing
This session will bring together organizations with youth employment programming, a firm centered on research and evaluation, and funding partner the Rideau Hall Foundation to discuss the benefits of community empowered data collection, insights and trends among Catapult funded youth-employment programs and the importance of sharing data, knowledge, and know-how to maximize learning for the youth sector in Canada.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Tools for measuring organizational progress
  • Increased understanding of youth (un)employment in Canada
  • Career readiness for young people (adolescents and young adults)

avatar for Leandre Nawej

Leandre Nawej

Program and Partnerships Manager, Rideau Hall Foundation
Léandre Nawej has worked on projects in West Africa, Scandinavia and Canada, advancing education equity, youth employment, gender inclusion and sustainability through governments and NGOs. She supports the RHF, leading learning initiatives that serve young Canadians.
avatar for Florence Bergeron

Florence Bergeron

Research Manager, SCC
Florence Bergeron, Research Manager at the Students Commission of Canada (SCC) joined the team in 2019 following an honours bachelor in psychology and graduate certificate in knowledge mobilization. Her scholarly background inspired her to make research results and program evaluations... Read More →

Monday January 23, 2023 15:45 - 16:45 EST

17:00 EST

Tuesday, January 24

08:00 EST

08:00 EST

Quiet Room I Salle silencieuse
Tuesday January 24, 2023 08:00 - 17:00 EST

09:00 EST

09:30 EST

Helping Clients Cope with Bias During Job Search
This session discusses the impact implicit bias has on the job search process for underrepresented populations. Participants will explore the intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion in relation to job searching and employability. In addition, strategies for helping underrepresented groups navigate the complexities of the labour market and how to implement multicultural career development services will be shared.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the impact bias has on the job search
  • Develop awareness of bias in hiring and recruiting
  • Strengthen multi-cultural competency in career development

avatar for Lakeisha Mathews

Lakeisha Mathews

Director, Career & Internship Center, The University of Baltimore
Lakeisha Mathews, EdD, is Director of the Career and Internship Center at the University of Baltimore, owner of Right Resumes & Career Coaching, and President Elect of the National Career Development Association.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 09:30 - 10:30 EST

09:30 EST

How Effective Is ESAT for Social/Emotional Skill Development?
Interim research findings about Futureworx' Employability Skills Assessment Tool (ESAT) processes and learner outcomes, conducted in partnership with the Future Skills Centre, will be presented with an emphasis on how the tool can be used effectively to support Skills for Success programming.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Early insights about the outcomes for learners that use ESAT
  • How research suggests one should optimize the use of ESAT
  • How ESAT applies to Skills for Success programming

avatar for Randy Lindsay

Randy Lindsay

CEO, Futureworx
Randy Lindsay is CEO of Futureworx, bringing many years of experience to the development and assessment of social and emotional skills.
avatar for Paul Brinkhurst

Paul Brinkhurst

Innovations Developer, Futureworx
Paul Brinkhurst is the Innovations Developer at Futureworx and the technical lead for ESAT development and support.
avatar for Jess McKeown

Jess McKeown

Senior Associate, Blueprint-ADE
Jess McKeown is a Senior Associate at Blueprint, co-leading the evaluation of Futureworx' ESAT in partnership with the Future Skills Centre to understand the tool's implementation processes and participant outcomes.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 09:30 - 10:30 EST

09:30 EST

L'impact de la pandémie sur le développement de carrière | Impact of the Pandemic on Career Development
La pandémie de COVID-19 a provoqué une vague de changements de carrières. Lorsqu'il s'agit d'un changement volontaire, l'un des facteurs exprimé est la perte de sens au travail. Un recueil de données quantitatif á travers le Canada, le Québec et la France montre comment la pandémie et les changements qu'elle a provoqué dans le travail a impacté le sens.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Les composantes du sens au travail impactés par la pandémie
  • Les nouvelles attentes envers le travail suite à la pandémie
  • Les facteurs déclanchant les changements de carrière durant la pandémie

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a wave of career changes. In terms of voluntary change, one of the factors expressed is the loss of meaning at work. A collection of quantitative data from across Canada, Québec, and France shows how the pandemic—and the shift it has caused with respect to work—has had an impact on meaning.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Aspects of meaning at work that were impacted by the pandemic
  • New expectations about work in the wake of the pandemic
  • Factors that prompted career changes during the pandemic

avatar for Elodie Chevallier

Elodie Chevallier

Chercheure postdoctorale | Postdoctoral Researcher, UQAM
Elodie Chevallier est titulaire d'un Ph.D en éducation et actuellement chercheure postdoctorale à l'UQAM. Elle est spécialisée sur les choix de carrière influencés par le sens au travail.Elodie Chevallier holds a PhD in education and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at... Read More →
avatar for Réginald Savard

Réginald Savard

Professeur | Professor, UQAM
Professeur-chercheur titulaire au département d'éducation et pédagogie de l'UQAM ainsi que conseillers d'orientation psychothérapeute, le Professeur Reginald Savard est auteur de travaux de recherche en counseling de carrière avec des enjeux d'orientation, d'insertion et d'a... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 09:30 - 10:30 EST

09:30 EST

Net-Zero: What's the Role of Post-secondary Institutions?
For Canada to get to net-zero emissions, we need our post-secondary institutions (PSIs) to work with industry partners to make meaningful commitments and develop the talent we need now and in the future. This session will bring together leaders from PSIs to discuss the evolving role of post-secondary institutions in supporting industry-led upskilling and reskilling efforts.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn how different sectors are responding to emerging skills needs
  • Insight into industry strategies and priorities for upskilling their workers
  • Learn how skills are integral to net-zero targets

avatar for Leanne Keddie

Leanne Keddie

Professor, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University
Leanne Keddie is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa. She earned her PhD in Accountancy from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal. Her current research examines the use of environmental... Read More →
avatar for Ousmane Seidou

Ousmane Seidou

Director, Hydraulics Lab and Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Ousmane Seidou is a Professor of Water Resources at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa. Before joining the University of Ottawa in 2007, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher and then as a research associate at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique... Read More →
avatar for Steve Higham

Steve Higham

Senior Lead, Research & Development, Business + Higher Education Roundtable
Steve Higham oversees research in skills and rural, remote and northern communities. He has a BA in political science/Indigenous studies from the University of Lethbridge and MA in political studies from the University of Saskatchewan.
avatar for Pablo Medina-Villanueva

Pablo Medina-Villanueva

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Specialist, IBI/Arcadis
Pablo Medina-Villanueva is an architect with a master's degree from Carleton University and holds graduate certificates in building information modeling and green architecture from Algonquin College. He has an extensive experience in teaching and research at Algonquin College, where... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 09:30 - 10:30 EST

09:30 EST

Smoke & Mirrors in the Employment Services Sector
Smoke and Mirrors, The Illusion of the Employment Services Sector pulls back the curtain on the dark side of outcome based, government-funded employment services. Despite the billions invested, the sector itself has become a significant barrier to employment for underrepresented groups.

Although there is no silver bullet solution, there are things that can and must be done.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Defining the problem of the outcome-based employment sector
  • Exploring the root causes of the illusion
  • Considering "thrivival" practices within our influence

avatar for Sarah Delicate

Sarah Delicate

Director, BBMD Consulting Inc.
Sarah Delicate is a founding partner of BBMD Inc. Sarah has worked with 1000s of people across 100s of organizations, helping programs thrive. Sarah will convince you that this outcome-based stuff is doable AND critical.
avatar for Angela Hoyt

Angela Hoyt

Director, Evolution Group
Angela Hoyt brings over three decades in the sector. Her commitment to shared prosperity, inclusiveness and belonging for fellow humans drives her to support organizations to achieve outcomes for people most distant from the market.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 09:30 - 10:30 EST

09:30 EST

Teachers' Experience of Career and Mental Health Training
The Connecting Career Development and Mental Health for Youth project provided online training to career education teachers in five school districts across Canada. After each module, participants were asked to reflect on their learning. We describe our innovative training program, present the results of the teachers' self-reflections, and discuss implications for supporting the teaching of career courses in Canadian schools.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explain how intentional career development fosters youth mental health
  • Describe CD training impact for teachers of career curriculum
  • Promotion of online training to support career education

avatar for Krista Socholotiuk

Krista Socholotiuk

Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
Dr. Krista Socholotiuk is an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser Univeristy, teaching in counselling psychology. Her research focuses on adolescent and family mental health, with the broad aim of enhancing fit between research and practice settings.
avatar for Jose Domene

Jose Domene

Professor, University of Calgary
Dr. Jose Domene is a Professor at the University of Calgary, where he teaches career development/counselling, professional ethics and research methods. He conducts research on relational contexts of career and intersections between technology and counselling.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 09:30 - 10:30 EST

10:30 EST

11:00 EST

VIEWING PARTY: Around the World Session: Finding Career Clarity Beyond Vocational Assessments
Finding Career Clarity Beyond Vocational Assessments
This session focuses on how to build on the contribution provided by vocational assessments, what's changed post-pandemic, where the career planning industry is heading and how to use new methods to help clients find careers with a purpose that also pays well. These methods are also proven to help people bounce back from unemployment faster and manage toxic environments so they're "recession/pandemic proof".
Learning Outcomes:
  1. Understand how to adjust vocational assessments for today's market
  2. Learn the 5 pillars for finding career clarity
  3. Apply one tool to help clients bounce-back from unemployment faster

avatar for Silviu Cojocaru

Silviu Cojocaru

President, Career Hero
Silviu Cojocaru is a UK-based career coach specializing in helping fellow millennials find and transition into meaningful careers collaborated with Steve Miller to create Career Hero Academy, an online program designed specifically for employment agencies.Silviu Cojocaru du Royaume-Uni... Read More →
avatar for Steve Miller

Steve Miller

President, Implicit Career Search
Steve Miller is a renowned expert in Canada and creator of Implicit Career Search, a purpose-driven career planning program. For 30 years, he has helped thousands of people from prisoners to CEOs develop meaningful careers.Expert renommé au Canada, Steve Miller est le créateur d’Implicit... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 11:00 - 11:45 EST
  Hybrid (virtual & in-person) | Hybride (virtuel et en personne), Virtual platform streamed into Shaw Centre | Plateforme virtuelle diffusée au Centre Shaw
  • LANGUAGE | LANGUE English | Anglais
  • about Silviu Cojocaru is a UK-based career coach specializing in helping fellow millennials find and transition into meaningful careers collaborated with Steve Miller to create Career Hero Academy, an online program designed specifically for employment agencies.<br>

11:00 EST

A Model for PSE Skill & Career Development
Humanities+ was designed to support Humanities students to identify, articulate and translate their degree-specific skills to a wide range of careers. The program comprises skills workshops, career development and reflection activities, and an internship. This presentation will provide an overview of the program model and assessment framework and explore its broader implications for career development in post-secondary education.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Delegates will understand the design of the Humanities+ program model
  • Delegates will understand the framework of Humanities+ program assessment
  • Delegates will consider the model's relevance in their own context

avatar for Megan Marcoux

Megan Marcoux

Project Lead, FUSION Concordia, Concordia University
Megan Marcoux is passionate about career development education and its ever-expanding role in post-secondary education. She is exited to bring her experience and perspectives to working as a Project Lead with Canada's Future Skills Innovation Network (FUSION).
avatar for Julie Johnston

Julie Johnston

Manager Academic Development & Innovation, Concordia University
Julie Johnston is the Manager Academic Development & Innovation at Concordia University. Julie holds an MA in communication and culture (politics and policy) and a graduate diploma in program evaluation.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 11:00 - 12:00 EST

11:00 EST

Bridging the Gap Between Employers and CDPs
Many employers recognize that investment in career development improves key business metrics, such as retention and engagement, but less than one-third provide career development supports to employees. CDPs can bring important services and deep expertise to these employers, yet don't. This session focuses on how to communicate the value of career development in language that resonates with employers.

avatar for Deirdre Pickerell

Deirdre Pickerell

Program Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation
Dr. Deirdre Pickerell has focused much of her 30-year career linking career development and human resources. She has supported a wide range of organizations in the design and launch of internal career development services.
avatar for Kristin Vandegriend

Kristin Vandegriend

Community Engagement Associate, Vancouver Community College
Kristin Vandegriend is a strategic learning consultant with 15+ years of experience in career development, employer engagement and training. She brings expertise in communications strategies for career development organizations.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 11:00 - 12:00 EST

11:00 EST

Building a Prosperous, Diverse, Resilient Canada: The Path to 100 Million I Pour un Canada prospère, diversifié et résilient : la voie vers une population de 100 millions d’habitants
Our prosperity, diversity and innovation help make Canada one of the best countries in the world to raise a family and start a business. But our prosperity is fragile. The reality is that our population is aging, we’re having fewer children, and our workforce is shrinking. Economic growth is directly tied to population growth. If we have more people, we have a larger workforce and we create more economic activity. What if we committed to a bold vision to increase Canada’s population to 100 million by the year 2100 through increased immigration? What are the implications for our labour market? How are we defining talent and what is a skilled or essential worker? How do we ensure decent work and a high standard of living for all?

Learning Outcomes:
  • How 5 key areas need to align to support the vision: immigration, urban development & infrastructure investment, employment & entrepreneurship, early childhood supports, and education
  • Considerations for building continued public support for Canada’s openness to immigration as well as its culture of multiculturalism and diversity
  • Long-term thinking and planning required to manage this growth in a smart, sustainable way AND what your province, network or organization needs to build to be ready

En raison notamment de sa prospérité, de sa diversité et de son innovation, le Canada est l’un des meilleurs pays au monde pour fonder une famille et créer une entreprise. Cependant, cette prospérité est fragile. Le fait est que notre population vieillit, que nous avons moins d’enfants et que notre main-d’œuvre est de moins en moins nombreuse. La croissance économique est directement liée à la croissance démographique. Une population plus grande comprend plus de travailleurs et génère plus d’activité économique. Et si nous nous engagions à concrétiser une vision audacieuse, celle de faire passer la population du Canada à 100 millions d’habitants d’ici 2100 grâce à une immigration accrue? Quelles seraient les conséquences pour notre marché du travail? Quelle est notre définition du talent et d’un travailleur qualifié ou essentiel? Comment assurer un travail convenable et un bon niveau de vie à tous?

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Concertation requise dans cinq domaines clés pour soutenir cette vision : immigration, développement urbain et investissement dans les infrastructures, emploi et entrepreneuriat, aides à la petite enfance et éducation
  • Facteurs à prendre en compte pour maintenir l’appui de la population à l’ouverture du Canada à l’immigration ainsi qu’à son multiculturalisme et sa diversité
  • Réflexion et planification à long terme nécessaires pour gérer cette croissance de manière intelligente et durable ET préparation requise de la part de votre province, votre réseau ou votre organisation

avatar for Lisa Lalande

Lisa Lalande

Chief Executive Officer I Directrice générale, Century Initiative
Lisa Lalande brings with her more than 20 years of proven experience in policy research and analysis, knowledge mobilization, change management, venture philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and marketing communications. She previously held the position of Executive Director... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 11:00 - 12:00 EST

11:00 EST

Career Navigation – Simplicity or Complexity?
The world has changed dramatically. Confusion about how to handle the complex pressures of living well and managing one's career is evident. We'll look at basic human nature and tie them into helping people learn how to successfully navigate their work and life future. The presentation will also touch upon the positive contribution suffering may bring to our career questions.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Integrate a holistic approach to the career development process
  • Explore suffering and the positive contribution it makes
  • Demonstrate a simple career process model

avatar for Clarence De Schiffart

Clarence De Schiffart

Adjunct Professor - Counselling Program, Acadia University, Acadia University
Clarence De Schiffart has lived out his passion of influencing clients, colleagues and peers through professional training in career development. He retired from NSCC but continues his work as an Adjunct Professor at Acadia University.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 11:00 - 12:00 EST

11:00 EST

Labour Market Trends You Need to Know
COVID and rapid advances in technology are disrupting many of the sectors of Canada's economy. This presentation will focus on identifying trends in the labour market and offer crucial insights such as specific skills employers need, shifts in labour market demand, adopting a lifelong integrated learning life, and the career directions that offer the highest potential for workers.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Describe in-demand job skills and competencies employers need
  • Provide crucial insights for in-demand jobs using real-time strategic intelligence
  • Discuss why human skills trump hard skills

avatar for Denis Gravelle

Denis Gravelle

Co-founder and Strategist, Devant
Denis Gravelle is the co-founder at Devant, leading career and skills development projects in collaboration with industry and academia. An experienced educator, his focus lies in workforce development and skills training in the age of disruption.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 11:00 - 12:00 EST

12:00 EST

12:30 EST

Spark! Session | Séance Spark!
Conquering Fears, Building Resilience and Skyrocketing Potential I Vaincre ses peurs, renforcer la résilience et faire monter son potentiel en flèche

Drawing from his personal journey of overcoming adversity, from holding back immensely due to a debilitating stutter to performing on stages worldwide, Joze Piranian will deliver his concrete blueprint for confronting challenges, building unshakeable resilience, defeating the discomfort of learning new skills to thrive, and reframing our relationship with fears in order to thrive amidst uncertainty. Moreover, Joze will share mental wellness strategies and empowering mindset shifts with actionable steps. The transformational insights of his award-winning talk will be infused with comedic moments.

Spark! is the Cannexus-version of TED Talks. You will have the opportunity to listen to a unique speaker who will “spark” you to think differently about your work.

Joze Piranian s’est inspiré de son parcours personnel face à l’adversité. Souffrant auparavant d’un bégaiement très handicapant, il évolue désormais sur des scènes du monde entier et présentera son plan concret pour relever les défis, développer une résilience inébranlable, vaincre l’inconfort lié à l’apprentissage de nouvelles compétences et redéfinir notre perception des peurs afin de nous épanouir malgré l’incertitude.

Spark est la version Cannexus de TED Talks. Vous aurez l’occasion d’entendre une allocution qui pourrait vous amener à penser différemment à votre travail.

avatar for Joze Piranian

Joze Piranian

Global Inclusion & Resilience Speaker I Conférencier mondial sur l’inclusion et la résilience
Joze Piranian is a lifelong stutterer turned Forbes and TED-featured global speaker on inclusion and resilience. Born and raised in Lebanon, Joze avoided speaking for more than 25 years out of the fear of being judged for being different. Then, everything changed. He won the Inspirational... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 12:30 - 13:20 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

13:15 EST

Presentation of Wileman Award | Remise du prix Wileman
CERIC’s Etta St. John Wileman Award is designed to recognize and celebrate individuals who have devoted their lives to enhancing the field of career development.

The latest recipient of the prestigious Wileman Award was previously announced as Lynne Bezanson, Executive Director Emeritus of the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF). Lynne was recognized for a remarkable career, devoting herself to strengthening the reach and impact of career development in Canada and internationally.

Lynne will now be presented with the award in-person in Ottawa at the Cannexus23 conference.

The award is given in the name of Etta St. John Wileman, a champion and crusader of career, work and workplace development in Canada in the early 20th century.

Le prix Etta St. John Wileman du CERIC vise à souligner et à célébrer l’apport des personnes qui ont consacré toute leur vie à améliorer le domaine du développement de carrière.

Le prestigieux prix Wileman a déjà été décerné à Lynne Bezanson, directrice générale émérite de la Fondation canadienne pour le développement de la carrière (FCDC). Lynne a reçu ce prix en reconnaissance de sa remarquable carrière à renforcer la portée et l’incidence du développement de carrière au Canada et à l’international.

Lynne recevra maintenant le prix en personne à Ottawa lors du congrès Cannexus23.

Ce prix rend hommage à Etta St John Wileman, championne et militante du développement de carrière, du travail et du milieu du travail au Canada au début du XXe siècle.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 13:15 - 13:30 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

13:30 EST

Creating Meaningful Change for Inuit Communities
This session will discuss:

- Internet connectivity in the Arctic (The impact of low, limited and slow)
- Access to resources (Many supports come from outside the territory)
- Working remotely under extreme and unique circumstances to support Nunavummiut (What these challenges & barriers are and look like)

Learning Outcomes:
  • Cultural needs and Inuit societal values
  • How #1 can be addressed to improve the current status
  • What is working and not working and how to improve

avatar for Mary Rose Kilabuk

Mary Rose Kilabuk

Career Development Officer, Government of Nunavut
Mary Rose Kilabuk was born and raised in the Arctic and works for the betterment of Nunavummiut. She is an avid hunter and fisher who is continuously exploring new interests that bring her closer to the land community that she is passionate about.
avatar for Jens Jeppesen

Jens Jeppesen

Career Development Services Co-ordinator, Government of Nunavut
Born out in the country raised upon a farm and for the last 10 years, Jens Jeppesen lives in Nunavut, working closely with Nunavummiut throughout the territory. Jens is passionate about the performing arts and family.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 13:30 - 14:30 EST

13:30 EST

Flip the Model: Innovation in Career Exploration
Many students think they need to pick one job title, for the rest of their lives! Career services are helping these students to flip the model: they explore challenges they want to work on, instead of job titles to fit into. Discover how leading post-secondary institutions are creating innovative activities to help students prepare for purposeful careers.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover three examples of innovative career activities
  • Learn to 'flip the model' of career development
  • Acquire innovative, practical strategies to use with your students

avatar for JP Michel

JP Michel

Founder, SparkPath
JP Michel is the creator of the Challenge Cards. He holds a master's degree in industrial-organizational psychology and is the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Career Professional award from the Career Professionals of Canada.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 13:30 - 14:30 EST

13:30 EST

For Us, With Us: Evidence-based Career Development Practices
Three field experts share success stories highlighting how both research and practice are enhanced when done collaboratively: an employability assessment tool developed with practitioners; a participant-driven career program seen as an "anti-poverty reduction strategy;" and an accelerator helping university graduates future-proof their careers.

Attendees are then invited to consider how CDPs can, and should, be everyday researchers in our work.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Generate implications to enhance your practice from our stories
  • Contemplate your role and potential as an "everyday CD researcher'
  • Consider what kind of research project you could explore

avatar for Candy Ho

Candy Ho

Assistant Professor | Professeure adjointe, University of the Fraser Valley
Dr. Candy Ho is the inaugural Assistant Professor, Integrative Career and Capstone Learning in the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. In this unique capacity, she teaches courses that help students consider their educational and life experiences, and how... Read More →
avatar for Donnalee Bell

Donnalee Bell

Managing Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation
Donnalee Bell is the Managing Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) and has led many pan-Canadian initiatives to support the career development ecosystem. She advocates for the power of career development in promoting social equity.
avatar for Sareena Hopkins

Sareena Hopkins

Executive Director | Directrice générale, Canadian Career Development Foundation | Fondation canadienne pour le développement de la carrière
Sareena Hopkins has been instrumental in strategic initiatives in Canada & beyond. She worked with the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training and CMEC on policy frameworks for career education and successful student transitions.Mme Sareena Hopkins a joué un rôle... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 13:30 - 14:30 EST

13:30 EST

Redeploying Talent: Industry-Responsive Upskilling to Support Post-Pandemic Recovery | Redéploiement des talents : perfectionnement adapté aux besoins de l’industrie pour soutenir la reprise des activités après la pandémie
Supporting innovative companies find the talent they need and helping people get meaningful employment can be two sides of the same strategy – one that engages, trains and redeploys talent across the economy into high-growth jobs in a way that is nimble and responsive to industry demand.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Insights into cross-sector career transitions
  • Employer perspectives on engaging in upskilling
  • Mitigating hiring biases

Soutenir des entreprises innovantes afin qu’elles trouvent les talents dont elles ont besoin et aider des gens à trouver un emploi intéressant peuvent former les deux facettes d’une même stratégie – une stratégie qui vise à embaucher, à former et à redéployer les talents de l’ensemble de l’économie dans des emplois à forte croissance, d’une manière souple et adaptée aux besoins de l’industrie.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Des conseils sur les transitions de carrière intersectorielles
  • Le point de vue d’employeurs sur leur rôle en matière de perfectionnement professionnel
  • L’atténuation des préjugés à l’embauche

avatar for AJ Tibando

AJ Tibando

Executive Director | Directrice générale, Palette Skills
AJ Tibando is the co-founder and Executive Director of Palette Skills Inc., a national non-profit focused on meeting the needs of Canada's most innovative companies by upskilling workers from diverse backgrounds into growing industries.Mme AJ Tibando est la cofondatrice et la directrice... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 13:30 - 14:30 EST

13:30 EST

Rural & Remote Recommendations: Refocusing the Urban Lens
Rural and remote service providers will no longer need to scream into the void. ASPECT BC conducted six months of research with their member organizations to determine the unique challenges employment service providers face to help the most vulnerable find meaningful work within rural, remote and Indigenous communities. This session will reveal a list of recommendations to take to funders everywhere.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the unique challenges for rural and remote service providers
  • Learn how we conducted the research for your jurisdiction
  • Leave with a list of recommendations for your funders

avatar for Janet Morris-Reade

Janet Morris-Reade

CEO, ASPECT BC - Association of Service Providers for Employability & Career Training
Janet Morris-Reade is the CEO of ASPECT BC (Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training). She works to provide leadership, education, advocacy and public awareness in support of community-based workforce development service providers.
avatar for Valerie Meaney

Valerie Meaney

President, Val Meaney & Associates
Valerie Meaney has spent over 30 years in the employment services sector and has first-hand knowledge of delivering services in rural and remote communities. Valerie is the owner of Val Meaney and Associates.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 13:30 - 14:30 EST

13:30 EST

The Importance of Ecosystem Collaboration in Talent Development
People are the foundation of all communities, and the attraction, retention and development of skilled talent is imperative to support economic growth and shared prosperity. Join industry experts from Calgary, the third most livable city in the world and a top tech talent market in North America, to discuss the importance of collaboration in building a globally competitive talent pipeline

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the importance of workforce development within a wider economic development strategy
  • Importance of community partnerships to support talent development
  • Examples of opportunities for collaboration within an ecosystem

avatar for Sharmin Surani

Sharmin Surani

Talent Specialist, Calgary Economic Development
Sharmin Surani is a Talent Specialist with Calgary Economic Development. She holds an MBA and is a Certified Career Development Professional with over 10 years' experience in talent recruitment and development.
avatar for Erin Kaipainnen

Erin Kaipainnen

Director, Experiential & Work-Integrated Learning, University of Calgary
Erin Kaipainnen (she/her) is the Director, Experiential & Work-Integrated Learning at UCalgary and the Alberta representative for CEWIL Canada. Erin holds an MA in social justice and equity studies from Brock University.
avatar for Leslie Shier

Leslie Shier

Director, Client Excellence, Calgary Economic Development
Leslie Shier is Director, Client Excellence at Calgary Economic Development where she leads teams in talent attraction, talent retention and commercial real estate. Leslie is a born and raised Calgarian and has three sons, who all live, work and play in beautiful Calgary, Alberta... Read More →
avatar for D'Andre Wilson-Ihejirika

D'Andre Wilson-Ihejirika

Executive Director of Work-Integrated Learning, Calgary Economic Development
D’Andre Wilson-Ihejirika is currently the Executive Director of Work-Integrated Learning at Calgary Economic Development. Prior to her current role, she has many years of experience working as a process engineer and project manager in industry, non-profit and academia.
avatar for SP Singh

SP Singh

SVP, Head Infosys Canada, Infosys Limited
SP Singh is a long-term Infoscion who has played key leadership roles in the growth and expansion of Infosys over the years in differentiated areas such as sales, account management, delivery, strategy and operations. In his current role as SVP, Head Infosys Canada, he has been providing... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 13:30 - 14:30 EST

14:30 EST

15:00 EST

Keynote Address | Allocution: Working it Out: How to be Ready for the Redefined World of Work | Comment se préparer à évoluer dans un monde du travail redéfini
The pandemic has upturned our economy and our lives, and it has upturned work as well. We can work anywhere if we choose and that is a huge and dramatic development that many organizations are still not ready to navigate. As well, a series of megatrends including climate change, demographics and the fourth industrial revolution are about to disrupt work and force further changes. What should we expect and how should we get ready for what is ahead? In this presentation based on her upcoming book of the same title, economist and futurist Linda Nazareth gives you a succinct preview of what comes next and how to best get ready for a future of work that looks little like the past.

La pandémie a bouleversé notre économie et nos vies, mais le monde du travail également. Nous pouvons désormais travailler de n’importe où si nous le souhaitons, et il s’agit d’un changement considérable et radical auquel de nombreuses organisations ne sont pas encore prêtes à faire face. En outre, une série de grandes tendances, qui concernent notamment les changements climatiques, la démographie et la quatrième révolution industrielle, sont sur le point de bouleverser le monde du travail et d’imposer de nouveaux changements. À quoi s’attendre et comment se préparer pour l’avenir? Dans cette présentation fondée sur son prochain livre intitulé Working it Out: How to be Ready for the Redefined World of Work, l’économiste et futurologue Linda Nazareth présente un aperçu de ce qui va suivre et de la meilleure façon de se préparer à un avenir du travail qui ne ressemblera guère au passé.

avatar for Linda  Nazareth

Linda Nazareth

Economist and Author | Économiste, futurologue et experte de l’avenir du travail
Linda Nazareth is an economist, futurist and expert on the future of work. The author of four books, the most recent of which is Work Is Not a Place: Our Lives and Our Organizations in the Post-Jobs Economy (2018) she is also a regular columnist for The Globe and Mail and CBC Metro... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 15:00 - 16:00 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

16:00 EST

Designing Engaging Career Learning Using Multi-modal Delivery
Modern career development learning can be enhanced by conscious and thoughtful blending of face-to-face and online delivery to leverage the power of multi-modal learning.  This session examines evidence-based opportunities for creating and delivering blended services that incorporate multiple forms of communication and connection. Explore strategies for designing effective services while considering specific practice approaches to enhance these new delivery channels.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Define a comprehensive model of blended career development services
  • Understand online pedagogical design practices that promote client engagement
  • Learn how to effectively facilitate online career practice relationships

avatar for Tannis Goddard

Tannis Goddard

President | Chef de la direction, MixtMode Consulting
Dr. Tannis Goddard has extensive experience researching, designing and delivering f2f and online career development services. Tannis works as a researcher, consultant and trainer to advance and strengthen the career development sector.Tannis Goddard, Ph. D., possède une vaste expérience... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 16:00 - 17:00 EST

16:00 EST

Hired! How to Get the Zippy Gig
In this action-packed session, you'll learn how to: create a winning two-step resume, get noticed when doing a career pivot, cover gaps on your resume, prepare for and ace both video & in-person interviews, terminations & lay-offs, and questions you must ask at the end of the interview. Hiring managers want to know five things about each role...but they don't ask.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How to apply the two-step resume formula to your resume
  • 5 questions interviewers never ask, yet want the answers to!
  • Clever ways to cover resume gaps & career pivot secrets

avatar for Sheila Musgrove

Sheila Musgrove

Founder & Author of Hired! and Unexpected Mentors, TAG Recruitment Group Inc.
Sheila Musgrove an award-winning recruitment firm owner, and Amazon best-selling author, has helped thousands of jobseekers world-wide to land their new zippy gigs! The new 2nd edition of HIRED became a bestseller in three hours!

Tuesday January 24, 2023 16:00 - 17:00 EST

16:00 EST

Inside-Out Engagement: Employee Engagement & Career Development
Employee engagement is pivotal to employee retention and productivity. Organizations invest significantly to engage their employees, particularly in labour shortage conditions. "What can we do to engage our employees?" misses asking, "What is the employee's role in becoming engaged?" This talk describes how career development answers this question – from recruitment through to retirement, leading to sustainable engagement.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How to conceive engagement as a two-way endeavour
  • How career development helps employees own their engagement
  • Specific ways career development can weave into typical HR processes

avatar for Dave Redekopp

Dave Redekopp

President, Life-Role Development Group Ltd.
Cannexus23 will mark Dave Redekopp's 35th year in career development. He has been privileged to teach, develop and deliver programs, develop products, research and consult in almost all aspects of career development.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 16:00 - 17:00 EST

16:00 EST

Revolution Ahead: Architecting Our Sector's Future of Work
Can you hear that? There's an urgent call for a national strategy on career development in Canada. This strategy must change how we perceive ourselves, our work and our impact, while demonstrating strong ties to social progress outlined in the UN's Social Development Goals. Join us for Part Two, fellow architects. Let's continue exploring how to lead the sector's revolution.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the stages of revolution in today's career development sector
  • Examine historical drivers of change in the sector
  • Explore emerging issues for the sector and forecast future scenarios

avatar for Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

Founder and President, Challenge Factory
Lisa Taylor is an author, entrepreneur, consultant, volunteer and community leader focused on making sense of the changing world of work. She is the President of Challenge Factory and lives in Toronto.
avatar for Emily Schmidt

Emily Schmidt

Research Associate, Challenge Factory
Emily Schmidt brings her passion for research and learning to Cannexus, with higher education specialization in communications, English literature, environmental science, politics, conflict resolution and international security. As a Research Associate with Challenge Factory, she... Read More →
avatar for Ali Breen

Ali Breen

Learning and Communications Manager, Challenge Factory
Ali Breen is a constant kickstarter, bringing her experiences in adult education, curriculum design, leadership training, community growth and private practice to Cannexus. As Challenge Factory’s Learning and Communications Manager, she supports shaping an equitable Future of Work... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 16:00 - 17:00 EST

16:00 EST

The Red-Hot Labour Market: What It Means for Employers and Jobseekers | Le marché du travail en pleine effervescence : ce que cela signifie pour les employeurs et les chercheurs d’emploi
Despite the looming threat of a recession, job vacancies in Canada are at an all-time high and unemployment at an all-time low. In 2022, Canadian employers have been actively seeking to fill more than one million positions. While there have been high-profile layoffs in the tech sector, vacancies abound across the economy, particularly in accommodation and food services as well as retail. Health care and social assistance – which were hit hard by the pandemic – and construction are also seeing record vacancies. In this panel, we’ll examine the reasons behind Canada’s historic labour shortage and what can be done to address it.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How employers need to adapt to address hiring challenges
  • What jobseekers are being left out of the hot labour market
  • Role of career development professionals in solving the problem

Malgré la menace imminente d’une récession, les offres d’emploi au Canada n’ont jamais été aussi nombreuses, et le taux de chômage aussi bas. En 2022, les employeurs canadiens ont cherché activement à pourvoir plus d’un million de postes. Malgré des licenciements importants dans le secteur des technologies, les postes vacants abondent dans l’ensemble de l’économie, en particulier dans les secteurs de l’hébergement, de la restauration et du commerce de détail. Les secteurs des soins de santé et de l’aide sociale – qui ont été durement touchés par la pandémie – et celui de la construction enregistrent également un nombre record de postes vacants. Au cours de cette séance, nous examinerons les raisons de la pénurie historique de main-d’œuvre au Canada et ce qui peut être fait pour y remédier.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • La façon dont les employeurs doivent s’adapter pour surmonter les difficultés de recrutement
  • Les chercheurs d’emploi laissés pour compte sur ce marché du travail en pleine effervescence
  • Le rôle des professionnels du développement de carrière dans la résolution du problème

avatar for Janet Morris-Reade

Janet Morris-Reade

CEO, ASPECT BC - Association of Service Providers for Employability & Career Training
Janet Morris-Reade is the CEO of ASPECT BC (Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training). She works to provide leadership, education, advocacy and public awareness in support of community-based workforce development service providers.
avatar for Trevor Buttrum

Trevor Buttrum

Executive Director | Directeur général, Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) | Association canadienne des spécialistes en emploi et des employeurs (ACSEE)
Trevor Buttrum is an award-winning leader who has honed his craft in campus recruitment strategy, career education and experiential learning, fostering inclusive talent pipelines, and building relationships to attract, engage and retain, early career talent. In the Spring of 2022... Read More →
avatar for Kris Tierney

Kris Tierney

Vice-President, Human Resources and Learning, Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)
Kris Tierney is the Vice-President of Human Resources and Learning at the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Ontario’s regulator of the human resources profession. In her role, she provides strategic leadership to the association’s internal human resources practices... Read More →
avatar for Sueling Ching

Sueling Ching

President and CEO l Présidente et PDG, Ottawa Board of Trade l Chambre de Commerce d'Ottawa
Sueling Ching is the President and CEO of the Ottawa Board of Trade. She is a community builder dedicated to innovating and advocating for business. Ching has spent over 20 years working in a variety of business, leadership and community development roles, including as the CEO of... Read More →

Tuesday January 24, 2023 16:00 - 17:00 EST

16:00 EST

KAIROS Blanket Exercise
The KAIROS Blanket Exercise invites you explore the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. It is an interactive learning experience that builds awareness and understanding of our shared history by having participants literally walk through situations that include pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization and resistance. Participants step onto blankets representing the land, and into the role of First Nations, Inuit and later Métis peoples.

Tuesday January 24, 2023 16:00 - 17:30 EST
Wednesday, January 25

07:00 EST

08:00 EST

Future Skills @Cannexus Welcome + Looking Ahead: Responsive Career Pathways for the Future | Bienvenue de Compétences futures @Cannexus + Des parcours de carrière adaptables : une orientation professionnelle axée sur l’avenir
This session will delve into key labour market trends shaping the future of work and highlight workers who are most affected by these shifts and the challenges they face. The panel will explore the role of the career development sector in supporting employees and employers through transitions in an increasingly complex world of employment. This session will highlight how employers are upskilling, reskilling, and adapting roles to support their employees as they navigate change. An aspect of this is the next generation of Career Hubs, a model that transforms existing employment centres to serve both jobseeker and employer and in particular vulnerable Canadians.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Awareness of trends shaping future of work and labour market
  • Understanding of growing demands of the career development sector
  • Increased awareness of what is needed to meet emerging and future labour market needs

Cette séance se penchera sur les principales tendances du marché du travail qui façonnent l’avenir du travail. Elle présentera les travailleurs les plus touchés par ces changements et les obstacles qu’ils doivent surmonter pour évoluer dans un système de compétences de plus en plus complexe. La prochaine génération de centres de carrières s’inscrit dans cette optique avec un modèle qui transforme les centres d’emploi existants afin qu’ils soient au service des demandeurs d’emploi et des employeurs, et surtout des Canadiens vulnérables.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Une meilleure connaissance des tendances qui façonnent l’avenir du travail et du marché du travail
  • Une compréhension des exigences croissantes du secteur du développement de carrière
  • Une meilleure connaissance de ce qui est nécessaire pour répondre aux besoins émergents et futurs du marché du travail

avatar for Karen Myers

Karen Myers

CEO | Présidente et chef de la direction, Blueprint
As Blueprint's founder and leader, Karen Myers has a developed a strong reputation for delivering solutions to address pressing public policy issues. Karen has extensive experience as a researcher, policy analyst, performance consultant and program evaluator.En tant que fondatrice... Read More →
avatar for Malika Asthana

Malika Asthana

Manager for Strategy and Public Affairs l Directrice de la stratégie et des affaires publiques, D2L
Malika Asthana (she/her) is the Manager for Strategy and Public Affairs for D2L, a global learning technology leader supporting millions of people in K-12, higher education, and businesses learning online and in person. As part of her role at D2L, Malika leads the development of strategic... Read More →
avatar for Jennifer Pierce

Jennifer Pierce

Vice-president, Talent Management and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion I Vice-présidente, Gestion des talents et Diversité, équité et inclusion, Walmart
Jennifer Pierce joined Walmart Canada in 2019 as Vice-president, Talent Management and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion In this role, Jennifer champions a culture of belonging with a concentrated focus on advocating for and accelerating the advancement of female and under represented... Read More →
avatar for Lisa Melo

Lisa Melo

VP Learning & Performance I Lisa Melo, vice-présidente, Apprentissage et rendement, RBC
Lisa Melo leads the enterprise Learning and Performance group, which designs and delivers innovative learning to help RBC’s 95,000 employees around the world do their best work. Her team also orchestrates award-winning development programs such as RBC’s Career Launch Program... Read More →

Wednesday January 25, 2023 08:00 - 08:50 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

09:00 EST

Supporting Immigrant Youth in Career Lift-off
As pandemic recovery unfolds, there is an opportunity for immigrant youth to fulfill some of the county's workforce needs. Drawing on labour market data, research and lived experience from immigrant youth in Canada, we will discuss the unique barriers that immigrant youth face and highlight opportunities to improve their labour market outcomes in Canada.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Examine challenges immigrant youth face in their career development journey
  • Understand the impact of COVID on immigrant youth employment
  • Learn about programs that support immigrant youth career development

avatar for Monina Febria

Monina Febria

Manager, Knowledge Management & Mobilization, World Education Service (WES)
Monina Febria is the Manager, Knowledge Management and Mobilization. She has over 15 years' experience in program, research and policy work in the immigration and settlement sector in Canada and internationally.
avatar for Shalini Sharma

Shalini Sharma

Director, Research & Policy, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP)
Dr. Shalini Sharma is an economist with a specialization in urban economics and urban labour markets. As the Director of Research and Policy at CCYP, she focuses on creating and curating research on youth workforce development.
avatar for Anne-Lore Fraikin

Anne-Lore Fraikin

Economist, Labour Market Information Council (LMIC)
Dr. Anne-Lore Fraikin is an economist and brings expertise in public policy and labour market data analysis. She works on several projects related to underrepresented groups in the labour market including immigrants.
avatar for Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Career Consultant, Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University
Sarah Anderson is a Career Consultant with 5+ years of experience in the human resource and career services industry. She is passionate about helping students communicate their value using a strengths-based approach to land meaningful work.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 09:00 - 09:50 EST

09:00 EST

The Future is Now: AI & Career Services
This session will explore the intersection between the "human touch" and artificial intelligence in career development. This panel discussion will explore questions such as: What balance best serves clients in hybrid service provision? How can we ensure equitable application of digital and artificial intelligence tools? and How can digital and AI tools increase the sustainability of the career development sector?

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand and define hybrid model of service provision
  • Identify and explore impacts of digital and AI tools
  • Understand how AI tools can increase program and sector sustainability

avatar for Shaunna-Marie Kerr

Shaunna-Marie Kerr

Lead, Career Education & Exploration, York University School of Continuing Studies
Shaunna-Marie Kerr believes all people should have access to necessary tools to achieve their own definitions of success. She is passionate about the economic empowerment of equity-seeking groups and works towards this through collaborative social impact.
avatar for Evelyn Akselrod

Evelyn Akselrod

Vice President, Strategic Development & Partnership, The Career Foundation
Evelyn Akselrod enjoys building people up, leading innovative projects and fostering public-private partnerships. Lending her expertise to innovative workforce development solutions, Evelyn is committed to advancing economic inclusion and prosperity for diverse and equity-seeking... Read More →
avatar for Simon Schmid

Simon Schmid

Public Sector Lead, SkillLab
Simon Schmid is the Public Sector lead at SkillLab, an impact business empowering people to turn their skills into careers. Prior, Simon was at EY and the Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins.
avatar for Mikaela Janecek

Mikaela Janecek

Director, University Partnerships, Quinncia
Mikaela Janecek shines most when getting to interact with partners and students directly, educating them on the technologies that employers are using today, and helping to set the students up for success upon graduation.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 09:00 - 09:50 EST

09:00 EST

The Impact of Pride on Practitioners & Clients
One of the seven deadly sins, pride plays a much more impactful role on our practice than we even realize. How does pride affect how we work with clients? How does pride influence the decisions we make? What are the signs that pride is getting in the way? What can we do about it?

Learning Outcomes:
  • To learn how pride impacts our work with clients
  • To develop awareness of when pride gets in the way
  • To develop strategies on how to overcome issues surrounding pride

avatar for Herky Cutler

Herky Cutler

President, herkycutler.com
Herky Cutler wants to change the world. He wants people and organizations to break through barriers that exist in their lives in order to move forward and improve their individual and collective performance.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 09:00 - 09:50 EST

09:00 EST

Understanding and Applying the Seven Teachings & Wellness Wheel l Comprendre et appliquer les sept enseignements et la roue du bien-être
Participants will gain knowledge that is inclusive of Indigenous values and culture to help address client needs, including dealing with grief and trauma. You will also learn to achieve greater awareness into personal growth, well-being and self-care.

avatar for Annie Smith St-Georges

Annie Smith St-Georges

Senior Algonquin Traditional Elder
Annie Smith St-Georges, a well known Algonquin Traditional Elder, was born and raised on the Kitigan-Zibi reservation near Maniwaki. Daughter of a trapper, she has acquired many teachings from her grandfather, as well as her uncle, the internationally renowned Grand Father William... Read More →

Wednesday January 25, 2023 09:00 - 09:50 EST

09:00 EST

Youth Resurgence: Finding What Was Lost During COVID
Young adults experienced great loss during COVID. Four major categories of this loss were:

- Lost interpersonal connections
- Lost experiential learning opportunities
- Lost life and career skills
- Lost independence

This conversation will explore what youth can do – and what we can do to help them – move forward to regain what was lost.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain clarity on what young people have lost through COVID
  • Identify actionable steps for youth to re-engage in career development
  • Learn strategies to re-engage youth post COVID from your peers

avatar for Jay Gosselin

Jay Gosselin

Founder, Discover Year
Jay Gosselin is a career and leadership coach and founder of MentorU Leadership Academy and the Discover Year program. He loves helping people come alive in their careers through self-awareness, confidence, communication skills and resilience.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 09:00 - 09:50 EST

09:00 EST

Responsive Career Pathways in Practice | Les parcours de carrière adaptables en pratique
This session will explore how innovation and collaboration is showing up in novel new programs and models that can advance career development services. It will highlight research insights coming out of a project with the Government of Nova Scotia that brings together governments, employers and career services. The session will discuss how this work could have broader application across Canada, and how it could inform policy and practice going forward.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Increased awareness of the key components of innovative career development programs
  • Increased awareness of responsive career pathways
  • Better understanding of how career practitioners can work effectively with employers, governments and community organizations

Cette séance explorera comment l’innovation et la collaboration se manifestent dans de nouveaux programmes et modèles novateurs qui peuvent faire progresser les services de développement de carrière. Elle présentera les données de recherche d’un projet mené en collaboration avec le gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Écosse qui regroupe des administrations, des employeurs et des services d’orientation professionnelle. La séance abordera comment ce travail pourrait avoir une application plus large à travers le Canada, et comment il pourrait orienter les politiques et les pratiques à venir.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Sensibilisation accrue aux éléments clés des programmes innovants de développement de carrière
  • Sensibilisation accrue aux parcours de carrière adaptables
  • Meilleure compréhension de la manière dont les professionnels en développement de carrière peuvent travailler de façon efficace avec les employeurs, les gouvernements et les organismes communautaires

avatar for Tannis Goddard

Tannis Goddard

President | Chef de la direction, MixtMode Consulting
Dr. Tannis Goddard has extensive experience researching, designing and delivering f2f and online career development services. Tannis works as a researcher, consultant and trainer to advance and strengthen the career development sector.Tannis Goddard, Ph. D., possède une vaste expérience... Read More →
avatar for Trina Stanford

Trina Stanford

Project Associate I Associée de projet, Canadian Career Development Foundation I Fondation canadienne pour le développement de carrière
Trina Stanford is a Project Associate at CCDF supporting the In Motion & Momentum+ program and other initiatives. She has over 15 years of front-line experience in the career and employment services sector.Trina Stanford est une associée de projet à la FCDC qui soutient le programme... Read More →

Amie Haughn

Director I Directrice, Employment Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration I ministère du Travail, des Compétences et de l'Immigration de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Amie Haughn’s passionate pursuit is to ensure that Nova Scotians have the employment services they need to support their attachment and connection to the labour market. As a former self-employment business counsellor, manager of employment services, and economic planning and development... Read More →
avatar for Kimberly White

Kimberly White

Director of Workplace Initiatives I Directeur des initiatives en milieu de travail, Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration,   I ministère du Travail, des Compétences et de l'Immigration de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Kimberly White has been providing leadership in workforce development for over 20 years working with a wide array of stakeholders including sectors, not for profit organizations, learning institutions, and government. Currently she is leading the Workplace Initiatives Division with... Read More →

Wednesday January 25, 2023 09:00 - 09:50 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

09:50 EST

Break | Pause
Wednesday January 25, 2023 09:50 - 10:20 EST
Parliamentary Foyer

10:20 EST

Designing Targeted Employment Services for Maximum Impact
A brief presentation of findings from IRCC's Career Pathways for Racialized Newcomer Women Project (CPRNW; cpvmnw.ca), a pilot project that tested targeted employment services for racialized newcomer women, will serve as the basis for a discussion on specialized programming. The interactive discussion will explore the need for, the implications of, and impact of the evidence on service delivery of specialized programming.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn about the CPRNW project and key research findings
  • Provide your input on designing specialized programming for newcomers
  • Hear from your peers about designing for different newcomer populations


Kim Lehrer

Senior Research Associate, SRDC
Kim Lehrer is a senior research associate at the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation. She is an economist with extensive experience in impact evaluation, data collection, data management, questionnaire design, quantitative analysis, and research dissemination.
avatar for Julie Rodier

Julie Rodier

Senior Research Associate, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)
Julie Rodier has 10+ years of experience in research and evaluation. Much of Julie's work focuses on ensuring the vitality of French-language minority communities, improving employment for newcomers, and improving access to post-secondary education.
avatar for Magdalene Cooman

Magdalene Cooman

Senior Director, World Skills Employment Centre
Magdalene Cooman, a Director at World Skills Employment Centre, leads the Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women initiative in Ottawa. She is a recipient of the Community Pillar Award by Femmes remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women, 2020.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 10:20 - 11:10 EST

10:20 EST

Evolving STEM Career Landscapes Through Equitable Youth Engagement
This session will explore Visions of Science's program model for engaging racialized youth aged 13-25 in STEM career-building opportunities and pathways, with a focus on Black youth and other racialized groups underrepresented in STEM. Additionally, we will bridge this with our approach to recruitment, development and succession of leaders from the communities we serve as part of our HR strategy.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn effective and transformative career development strategies for marginalized youth
  • Understand opportunities to support talent acquisition among marginalized youth
  • Gain deeper understandings of barriers to employment for marginalized youth

avatar for Yi Lu

Yi Lu

Team & Operations Senior Manager, Visions of Science
Yi Lu holds a BSc and BEd from the University of Toronto. Her passion for youth development has led her to Visions of Science, where she's held various roles in programming, logistics, and HR.
avatar for Sandroll Rodrigues

Sandroll Rodrigues

Youth Programs Manager, Visions of Science
Program Manager for Visions of Science, Sandroll Rodrigues has been involved with Visions for six years in a variety of roles from volunteer, to facilitator, co-ordinator and, now, manager.
avatar for Charlotte Domingos

Charlotte Domingos

Youth Programs Co-ordinator, Visions of Science
Charlotte Domingos is a Youth Program Co-ordinator at Visions of Science. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Science at Ontario Technical University in Oshawa, Ontario.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 10:20 - 11:10 EST

10:20 EST

New Career or New Employer?
Do your clients tell you that they need a new career, but sometimes you wonder if what they actually need is a new employer? How do you and they figure out what they do actually need? In this workshop, we'll look at the key questions to ask to make an effective decision and then appropriate action plan.

Learning Outcomes:
  • The components that make up happiness at work
  • The questions to determine what is needed at work
  • The questions to determine what is needed in a career

avatar for Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

Career Coach, Author, Sarah-Jane VandenBerg
Sarah-Jane VandenBerg, CCDP, HNCP is a career coach and author (Lost & Found: An Adult's Guide to Empowering Teens to Make Their Best Career Decision). She inspires others to articulate and achieve their work desires.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 10:20 - 11:10 EST

10:20 EST

Realizing the Untapped Potential of Scholarships
Young people in Canada face critical barriers during key transition periods in their lives. Preparing for the major shift out of high school into post-secondary education, for those who choose to pursue opportunities in college and university, can be incredibly overwhelming for a variety of reasons, including financial stressors. Scholarships can support this transition by addressing barriers to equitable access, and opening doors of opportunity to prepare youth for the rapidly changing future of work. 

The landscape of scholarships in Canada though, is fragmented. Comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date information about what scholarships are available, what disciplines are promoted through awards, and who has access is largely unavailable. It is widely reported that millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed every year, but there is a systemic issue being ignored in this narrative: If the need for scholarships is clear and present, what are the barriers to access? How can institutions across sectors begin to dismantle these barriers to better serve youth, ultimately preparing them for the future of work? 

In spring 2023, RBC Future Launch will publish thought leadership on the landscape of scholarships in Canada in relation to the foundational goal of the Future Launch strategy: preparing youth for the future of work.

avatar for Kate Gatto

Kate Gatto

Manager, Youth Social Impact, RBC
Kate Gatto (she/her) is a second generation settler to Turtle Island, born and raised on Treaty 13 Territory in Toronto, where she currently lives with her family. Kate Gatto is currently a Manager of Social Impact – RBC Future Launch at the Royal Bank of Canada. Highlights of... Read More →
avatar for Kim Howson,

Kim Howson,

Director, Strategic Partnerships, CultureFoundry
Kim Howson is a systems-disruptor who seeks out opportunities to work across all sectors to solve complex social problems. With experience in the non-profit, public and private sectors, Kim seeks to create opportunities for multiple perspectives to come together to build more inclusive... Read More →

Wednesday January 25, 2023 10:20 - 11:10 EST

10:20 EST

Supporting Youth Career Development with myBlueprint
myBlueprint is a leading EdTech company and developer of digital portfolios to support career and life planning for youth (K-12 & beyond). This session will highlight how myBlueprint's Education Planner platform supports key elements of the career planning journey. It will also explore the unique value of utilizing portfolios to enhance career development and support smooth transitions after high school.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explore the value of inquiry-based career and life planning
  • Recognize the power of portfolios in guiding career exploration/development
  • Learn to effectively use myBlueprint's Education Planner to support youth

avatar for Joy MacDonald

Joy MacDonald

Education Training Specialist, myBlueprint
Joy MacDonald is an Education Training Specialist with the myBlueprint team. An Ontario Certified Teacher, Joy has recent classroom experience, and is passionate about connecting youth with their interests to reach their future career goals!

Wednesday January 25, 2023 10:20 - 11:10 EST

10:20 EST

Empowering Career Practitioners to Guide a New Future | Donner aux intervenants en développement de carrière les moyens de façonner un nouvel avenir
Building the capacity of practitioners and provider organizations to meet emerging needs is essential. This session will explore the skills and knowledge that are required at the practitioner and organizational level and what is needed to ensure capacity building opportunities are accessible to working practitioners. We will present a vision and plans for Canada's first-ever Career Development Professional Centre.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the need to build practitioner and provider organization capacity
  • Explore skills and knowledge needed at practitioner and organizational level
  • Learn about specific FSC-funded projects/initiatives that are building capacity

Il est essentiel de renforcer la capacité de répondre aux besoins émergents des intervenants et des fournisseurs. Cette séance explorera les compétences et les connaissances que les intervenants et les fournisseurs doivent acquérir, ainsi que les critères nécessaires pour assurer leur accessibilité à des possibilités de renforcement de leur capacité. Nous présenterons une vision et des plans pour le tout premier Centre d’expertise en développement de carrière au Canada.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • La nécessité de renforcer la capacité des intervenants et des fournisseurs
  • Les compétences et les connaissances que les intervenants et les fournisseurs doivent acquérir
  • Les initiatives et les projets particuliers financés par le Centre des Compétences futures (CCF) qui contribuent à renforcer les capacités

avatar for Sareena Hopkins

Sareena Hopkins

Executive Director | Directrice générale, Canadian Career Development Foundation | Fondation canadienne pour le développement de la carrière
Sareena Hopkins has been instrumental in strategic initiatives in Canada & beyond. She worked with the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training and CMEC on policy frameworks for career education and successful student transitions.Mme Sareena Hopkins a joué un rôle... Read More →
avatar for Candy Ho

Candy Ho

Assistant Professor | Professeure adjointe, University of the Fraser Valley
Dr. Candy Ho is the inaugural Assistant Professor, Integrative Career and Capstone Learning in the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. In this unique capacity, she teaches courses that help students consider their educational and life experiences, and how... Read More →
avatar for Trina Maher

Trina Maher

President, Bridging Concepts
Trina Maher is President of Bridging Concepts, an Indigenous consultancy with the vision to see "Indigenous peoples enjoy meaningful careers in Canadian workplaces." Since 1999, she has helped corporations to accelerate their Indigenous inclusion goals.Trina Maher est présidente... Read More →

Wednesday January 25, 2023 10:20 - 11:10 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

11:20 EST

Keynote Address | Allocution: Resiliency Through Diversity | La résilience malgré l’adversité
Join Tareq on an emotional journey from Syria to Canada with heart-breaking and perspective-shaping stops along the way. From sunny days in Syria where the scent of roses filled the air to the beginning of conflict and war. Listen as Tareq shares the fear and confusion that came when violence and danger begin to slowly surround his family. Understand what it is really like to spend days hiding in your basement, praying for safety and food and medicine. Learn how a family made the decision to leave everything behind in search of safety outside of their homeland only to find more uncertainty and desperation as refugees in Lebanon. Witness the life-changing impact of being granted a family ticket to Canada and watch as that country's Prime Minister singles out the Hadhad family and their community for its perseverance and kindness. This is an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you feeling inspired and resolved to make your own impact on the world.

Accompagnez Tareq dans un voyage émouvant de la Syrie au Canada, ponctué d’arrêts qui brisent le cœur et ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives. Des journées ensoleillées en Syrie où le parfum des roses embaume l’air jusqu’au début du conflit et de la guerre, écoutez Tareq parler de la peur et de la confusion qu’il a ressenties lorsque la violence et le danger ont commencé à entourer lentement sa famille. Comprenez ce que signifie passer des jours à se cacher dans son sous-sol, à prier pour être en sécurité, pour avoir de la nourriture et des médicaments. Découvrez comment une famille a pris la décision de tout laisser derrière elle en quête de sécurité hors de son pays d’origine, pour finalement trouver plus d’incertitude et de désespoir en tant que réfugiée au Liban. Soyez témoin de l’impact de l’octroi d’un billet familial pour le Canada, qui a changé sa vie, et regardez le premier ministre de ce pays reconnaître la famille Hadhad et sa communauté pour leur persévérance et leur gentillesse. Cette montagne russe émotionnelle vous inspirera et vous donnera envie d’avoir à votre tour un impact sur le monde.

avatar for Tareq Hadhad

Tareq Hadhad

Founder and CEO | Fondateur et PDG, Peace by Chocolate
Tareq Hadhad is telling his story. He was a Syrian refugee and now living his new life in Nova Scotia. He is the founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate, the recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 for Atlantic, named one of the Top 25 Immigrants in the Maritimes and awarded... Read More →

Wednesday January 25, 2023 11:20 - 12:20 EST
Canada Hall 1&2

12:20 EST


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  • English with interpretation (Anglais avec l'interprétation)
  • English | Anglais
  • Français avec l'interprétation (French with interpretation)
  • Adult Education and Career Development | Éducation des adultes et développement de carrière
  • Advocacy & Social Justice | Défense des intérêts et justice sociale
  • Application of Current Research Theory & Methodology | Application des recherchers théories et méthodologie actuelles
  • Building the Profile and Sustainability of the Career Development Sector | Amélioration de l’image et de la viabilité du secteur du développement de carrière
  • Career Development for Youth Outside of School | Développement de carrière chez les jeunes en dehors de l’école
  • Career Education K-12 Students | Éducation au choix de carrière de la maternelle à la 12e année
  • Career Education Post-Secondary | Éducation au choix de carrière au niveau postsecondaire
  • Effective Career Counselling/Coaching Techniques | Techniques d’accompagnement et d’orientation professionnelle efficaces
  • Employee Recruitment & Engagement | Recrutement et mobilisation des employés
  • Employment/Training Programs (Community Government Industry) | Programmes de formation/d'emploi (milieu communautaire gouvernement industrie)
  • Experiential/Work-Integrated Learning | Apprentissage par l’expérience/intégration au milieu de travail
  • Future of Work and the Workplace | Avenir du travail et du lieu de travail
  • Indigenous Career Development | Développement de carrière chez les Autochtones
  • Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion | Justice équité diversité et inclusion
  • Management & HR Issues for Career/Employment Centre Directors | Enjeux de gestion et de ressources humaines pour les directeurs de centres de carrières/centres d’emploi
  • Workforce Planning & Development | Planification et développement de la main-d’œuvre
  • Working with Newcomer and Refugee Communities | Travail avec les nouveaux arrivants et les réfugiés